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I believe that humanity's high calling and deep purpose is the neverending struggle against the varied forces of entropy. Tempered by the wisdom of allowing natural forms of order to co-exist and simultaneously be captured in time, we live to create in our environment a reflection of our own inner sense of order. Every meal prepared, every elegant algorithm, and every imperfect echo frozen by sheer force of will is one more piece of the pattern coalesced from the ethereal storm and notched on the spear of humanity's collective soul.

Take a handful, grab hold of the writhing chaos, keep your grip in the face of adversity, and shape it into something that can't help but be beautiful until it hurts.

We will eventually be forgotten, and remembered only for what we added or took away.

I prefer to add.

For the past few years, I've been working fulltime as the Chief Technologist and Lead Architect for Morningside Analytics. We make highly detailed maps of the internet, which describe emergent communities of interest and patterns of authority within those communities.

Of the work I've done, I most prefer end-to-end project guidance. That is - straddling the business and technical sides of a project. Sitting down with people who have a need, identifying that need and the ways in which it can be filled with a tool, and then leading a development team to build that tool. I usually think of this role as "Architect/PM". I am interested in doing some development myself, but I usually pick out some tricky / core parts and do those, while assisting with the rest of the development. I pride myself on being able to elucidate requirements and then lead a team to build systems that meet those requirements elegantly.

In addition to architecture, PM, and systems design and performance analysis, I am a good coder (I try to write clear, concise, and documented code), I can work in a number of languages, I'm comfortable picking up new environments, and I have strong skills in general CMS, workflow, process, data modeling, caching, general performance analysis and optmization, project management, security practices, and usability. I'm a solid Linux/FreeBSD sysadmin and network architect.

I do a great deal of work with Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS/EC2, and high performance web application scaling in general. Generally, I'm not interested in Microsoft development.

When I have the time and feel like there's something interesting unsaid, I write a blog about

work stuff

For more details, see my


I like to be challenged intellectually, I am an avid and creative problem solver, and I can help you. My experience has been largely technical, but I'm more than willing to consider other endeavors.
I find interesting links relating to technology, politics, cooking, art, and photography, and sometimes I comment on them. These go on:

Sildenafil Lozenges (Viagra/Erectile Dysfunction), sildenafil lozenges prices (Weblog)


@fields (twitter)

I was one of the original backers of, and I believe strongly that the community building there is unique. Click the button below to follow me there.

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I love to cook. I am a big advocate of local food and I hit the farmer's markets a few times a week. I try to bake at least every two weeks. I always make extra so I can give it away. People are often very surprised by random homemade baked goods, and always pleasantly.

I have an infrequently updated blog on which I post photographs of my cooking projects and rants about processed food:

Unselling Convenience

I shoot a lot of pictures, many of which can be found on my Flickr page. For 2013, I've been doing a picture a day.

Other things of note: my older stuff (weird and eclectic) or (mostly rants), or my defunct livejournal blog, or my bloglines blog (which I don't use much), or my Sidekick blog (now defunct due to T-Mobile's heavy hand). I have sometimes used to catalog my bookmarks.

I like to participate in Ask Metafilter on a semi-regular basis.

If you're a sculptor, you might want to check out The Compleat Sculptor.

Homonyms (Not Me)

Film Production: IMDB entry (no personal site in evidence)
Stand-up Comedy in Amsterdam: