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Adam Fields


Updated: 7/2010

Summary of Skills and Experience

Sixteen years of development consulting, client relations, project management, business development, and management experience including P&L responsibility. Business development and technical leadership for advanced web based systems with workflow, personalization, data storage, XML, and content management across various enterprise development platforms and languages. Critical ability to straddle the business/technical fence and ensure that the requirements of all parties are met.

Leadership in all phases of the software development lifecycle, including aggressive requirements analysis, technical architecture and specification (design and writing), team leading, project management, technical communication, and scalability/performance analysis. Broad and deep technical knowledge; with ability to quickly assess and learn unfamiliar systems and to quickly analyze, scope, and establish technical and business requirements for projects and relationships. Proven success managing teams of developers through on-time and exposure-managed project completion. Excellent written and verbal communications skills. An accomplished semi-amateur photographer and chef.


Master of Science (Computer Science), Columbia University, SEAS, 1997

Bachelor of Arts, Columbia University, Columbia College, 1996

Relevant Professional Experience

Morningside Analytics, LLC. (2008-Present)

Chief Technologist / Founder

Founded and led development team for Morningside Analytics, a social network analysis and research company delivering research derived from cutting-edge scientific analysis of the worldwide blogospheres. Architected all data visualization and content management applications, led development team, and coordinated with partners to refine and specify functionality for the site. Implemented a large scale (tens of millions of pages) web page processing system and applications to utilize the data. Applications include the public-facing Political Video Barometer ( and other flash-based data visualization tools customized to present our unique data sets.

Yahoo, Inc. (2007-2008)

Database Architect (Contractor)

Performed database architecture, scalability analysis, and query optimization for several projects for Yahoo's Advanced Products Group., including Kickstart, a social network for graduating students. Designed and implemented a MySQL architecture for high availability and cross-colo encrypted replication, tuned sql queries for high performance, and drafted and implemented failover and backup procedures.

Street 86 Systems, Inc. (2004-Present)


Founded Street 86 Systems, Inc. to provide project management, technical analysis, and optimization services to enterprise customers. Merged operations into Street 86 Systems. Professional Services include but are not limited to technical leadership, project scoping and design, technical architecture, performance assessment / optimization, custom development, and digital photography. Responsible for managing all aspects of day-to-day business including P&L/accounting, contracts and negotiations, and IT and hosting services. Clients have included:

Performed a variety of development and architecture tasks, assisted growing development team with technical questions, and designed and implemented a flexible distributed email processing engine to parse millions of messages per day.

Assisted existing development team with large-scale php to ruby on rails port of, an exclusive invitation-only social networking site. Smoothly integrated new code into large existing codebase and designed new frameworks to replace obsolete code. Wrote large-scale data migration scripts to incrementally migrate data to new structures without adversely impacting user-generated content on the live site.

Architected and led development for creation of a new consolidated affiliate website, a sales-only portal, and the corresponding management site. Performed detailed requirements and specifications, oversaw entire development effort, managed QA and worked with Rainbow IS to coordinate deployment and launch issues.

Architected, developed, and deployed an e-commerce application to allow end-users to purchase album content in a box in music stores, and subsequently visit the site to redeem a one-time code (included in the box) and download only authorized music files. Developed the site in ruby on rails with full automated test suite and integration with external web services.

Architected and led development of the reimplementation of the website from php to ruby on rails, integrating ORGware for community management and a custom CMS for content creation and management.

Architected and led development of the reimplementation of the website from php to ruby on rails, integrating community management and a custom CMS for content creation and management.

Served as part-time Technical Director, overseeing all technical development operations for a development team distributed over five cities in four timezones across three continents.

Performed database optimization upon initial failed launch and brought the server back up to reasonable performance levels to handle all traffic. Analyzed, diagnosed, and addressed database query bottlenecks, various system load-related issues, and organized development and volunteer resources. Negotiated for additional donated server space. Led distributed efforts to maintain site operation under load of growth to more than 100,000 registered users.

Performed scalability analysis and performance consultations to address drupal/MySQL high load bottlenecks. Designed custom performance analytic framework for applications testing. Performed system administration and internet strategy consulting.

Provided project management and technical expertise across a wide range of areas, for Dev::Impact clients and internal operations.

Managed initial launch of billboard site. Advised on technical and process issues including review site configuration, XML structures, and general QA.

Managed entire project relationship for 3TP Imaging Sciences, a leading developer of 3D and time series color MRI Imaging technologies. Oversaw site and logo rebranding and redesign, software manual writing, trade show video production, and software UI redesign. Photographed executive team headshots and company promotional photos.

Led and directed hosting vendor selection and load testing of critical pages. Advised on related issues. (2006-2008)

Chief Architect / Founder

Founded and led development on, a social networking and research portal serving the conference industry. Architected the site, led development team, and coordinated with businesspeople to refine and specify functionality for the site. Remained active in an advisory role. (1994-Present)


Founded (DBA) to provide independent technology consulting to enterprise customers. Professional Services include but are not limited to technical leadership, project scoping and design, technical architecture, performance assessment / optimization, custom development, and digital photography. Clients include Scholastic, Inc., Digital Pulp, Inc., The Compleat Sculptor, Inc., Kinja, Inc., and the Independent Doctors of New York.

Digital Pulp, Inc (2003-2004)

Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for managing the technical development organization, overseeing all development projects, directly supervising the development team, managing client relationships, performing technical architecture for existing and new clients, and developing product offering strategies. Relevant work includes:

Led all aspects of development for, working closely with client technical staff. Defined and spearheaded new development projects including deployment of UK and AU versions of the site. Architected and led transition from 4-webnode (10 servers) Apache/Linux/MySQL cluster to 20-webnode (50 servers) fault tolerant cluster, modifying application structures and session passing mechanisms to allow nodes to be disposable. Architected and developed a summary datapoint reporting application for daily use by upper management (later productized for other clients). Performed extensive analysis of database and system response times with custom realtime diagnostic tools, and designed optimizations to address performance bottlenecks, increasing database capacity fourfold.

Architected and participated in development for custom Zope-based editorial and administrative site interfaces, workflow engineering, and multi-staged publishing mechanisms for and Assisted with architectures to support distributed hierarchical publishing models to allow sub-organizations (Initiatives) control over individual content sections while maintaining a coherent user experience across the entire site. Developed administrative interface specifications and collaborative interlocking workflow specifications and implementations.

Surgam Technology Partners, Inc. (2001-2003)

Managing Partner / Founder

Founded consulting partnership with key technical staff from former company (NAME) to deliver business technology services to existing and new clients. Relevant work includes:

Architected the restructuring of the e-commerce catalog-driven website and in-store distributed Point of Sale, Inventory Management and Order Workflow systems, including wireless handheld unit integration. Performed client interviews for requirements gathering; analyzed customer requirements; analyzed existing process flows; drafted project requirements; and led package evaluation.

Performed Technical Analysis and thorough MySQL Optimization, including implementation of a custom query monitoring server and analysis metrics for bottleneck identification.

Architected and implemented administrative interface for in-place content management system in Zope, including multiple interdependent workflows for separate image and content approval cycles.

Interviewed key IT and Operations staff, and prepared an investigatory risk assessment report for senior management staff. Initiated the process of implementing ITIL-style scoring mechanisms for suitability of risk assessment procedures in day-to-day operations.

The Family Annex (2009-Present)

Director, Secretary

Currently serving on the Board of Directors of the non-profit pre-school affiliated with Columbia University. Responsibilities include staff, parent, and director correspondence; documentation and by-law review; and fundraising.

The Philolexian Foundation (2001-2006)

Director, Treasurer

Served on the Board of Directors of the non-profit alumni organization affiliated with The Philolexian Society of Columbia University. Responsibilities include alumni and director correspondence. Historically served as Treasurer for several terms.

NAME, Inc./North American Media Engines (1996-2001)

Developer/Systems Architect/Technical Lead

As the second New York employee, helped grow the company from under 30 to just over 200 employees over five years while maintaining technical quality. In addition to on-going client engagements, participated actively in internal training, technical presentations, methodology workshops, and technical skills assessment frameworks. Relevant work includes:

Architected and led the development for the restructuring of and subsidiary imprint catalog and editorial sites with a custom content management system based on Vignette StoryServer. Performed client interviews for requirements gathering; analyzed customer requirements; designed StoryServer/Oracle architecture; drafted project requirements, solution specifications and timelines; and directed senior programmers to create a highly successful system. The application allows non-technical editors to perform all aspects of content workflow, enables site information architecture changes to be made in real-time through a web-based structured hierarchy editor, ensures site-wide link and image validity and integrates seamlessly with catalog search and e-commerce packages. The system was constructed using NEO (NAME Extensible Objects), a custom extension for object-oriented development in Vignette StoryServer, enabling the architecture to be migrated to Java/JSP with minimal effort.

Assisted a blended team of Vignette, Sun, Netscape, and iWon high-level engineers in diagnosing critical cache-clearing failures, which yielded significant performance improvements in Vignette’s future products. Performed further critical performance and stability troubleshooting for the extremely high-volume site, architected and implemented solutions for inefficient or unstable components and drafted a comprehensive technical system audit. Participated in migrating key high performance elements of the system from TCL to JSP. Created a stable development/staging/production lifecycle for Vignette and other servers, and researched and analyzed commercial testing software for suitability.

Architected and led development for a StoryServer Proof of Concept for an XML-based article publishing system to replace the exiting static HTML site. Performed client interviews for requirements gathering; analyzed customer requirements for content types and workflow; designed StoryServer/Oracle architecture; drafted project requirements, solution specifications and timelines; and directed junior programmers.

Architected and led development for the CTEP division subproject of the NCI Web Redesign Initiative; integrated local CTEP content management needs into the simultaneously developed NCI management framework. Performed client interviews for requirements gathering; designed StoryServer/Oracle architecture; drafted project requirements, solution specifications and timelines; and directed junior programmers.

Led development on completion of initial Vignette Professional Services (VPS) design of the BOL content management system to add editorial data to dynamically generated catalog pages. Managed the first development phase and interaction with the Oracle ICS development team; designed extensions and refinements to initial design to meet in-practice requirements; and supervised and directed junior programmers

Developed a roster manager and S/KEY-based ticket generation system to create millions of unique single-use ticket codes in conjunction with an online management system to convert a code into a webserver login using an LDAP directory server. Constructed the first StoryServer/LDAP bridge, coded StoryServer templates and customized the associated Oracle database.

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I have, at one time or another, spent a significant amount of time building systems related to or using the following technologies, meaning I'm either currently able to carry on development with them or could be again on very short notice.


Database and Key/Object Stores

Operating Systems

Programming Languages



These are some technologies with which I have dabbled or worked a long time ago.



Operating Systems

Programming Languages